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Even as Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) has continued to evolve over the past five decades with state-of-the-art facilities and world leading brands at every turn, one aspect of the company has remained almost unchanged - Service. At ATL, we don’t just sell products, we form relationships. Relationships that begin before you pick up the phone or walk into a showroom, store or service centre and continue long after you leave.
Servicing-what-we-sell (and even what we don’t) is a core thread in the fabric of that holds our company together. With ATL you get a full range of integrated servicing, from installation and warranty cover to preventative maintenance and breakdown repair services. Our team of manufacturer-certified experts guarantee that your home or business will remain as progressive as the products we sell. 
We are the people of Jamaica and we know that we, like you, deserve the best. Unbeatable, unparalleled service delivery. That’s our pledge to you. 
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