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ATL Energy Solutions

Jamaica is blessed with an abundance of the basic ingredient needed to make solar power possible – sunshine – and for years ATL Energy Solutions has been channelling this renewable resource into stable, turn-key solutions. 
Harness the power of the sun and regain control of electricity prices as we help you to maximize savings for the long term with the most efficient lighting, heating, cooling and water solutions. Access professionally designed systems with best-in-class installation and affordable maintenance programme with flexible financing options. We tailor each job to your needs and can offer expert advice on which technologies and products are best suited to you.

Turn sunshine into $aving$.
ATL offers the Sun Pack System, an all-in-one solar photovoltaic (PV) package (starting at 2.5kw), combining immediate power backup, regular monthly utility savings and the long-term ability to grow the home solar system into complete energy-independence. With over 45 years of experience installing a wide range of sustainable solutions, you can be sure to receive honest advice and a reliable installation suited to your property or business. 
Going solar means reducing your dependency on the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo.) for supplying your electricity needs. Customers can choose to go 'off-grid' – i.e. full production and storage of own power with no connection to the JPS’ grid and no monthly power bill or you may also choose a 'grid-tied' system which involves a connection to both a PV system and the national grid. This means you will always have power available at the flick of a switch; even at night or if it is cloudy. You can install a PV system of any size and you will only ever be billed if your power consumption is in excess of the amount you are generating. 
Investing in solar panels and sustainable solutions also revolutionises the carbon footprint, profitability and branding credentials of businesses. For businesses looking to put a cap on those soaring energy bills, let our superior in-house engineers design a system just for you to reduce overheads, improve operations and increase your bottom line with up to 100% savings on daytime electricity cost.
Make the energy switch today with ATL Energy Solutions! Call us today at 1-888-ATL-SERV (285-7378) for a FREE site visit and consultation. 
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